Imation RDX External USB 3.0 Dock Kit Only

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RDX Media Secure is the world s first removable hard disk drive with built-in AES-256 data encryption. Benefits include:

Foolproof Encryption

  • Simple, one-time software installation. Set it and forget it for automatic encryption of all data written to the RDX media

Infrastructure Integration Ease

  • Can be used with existing direct-attach RDX docking station (internal or external), no new hardware required
  • Application-agnostic, doesn t require specific backup software
  • Maintains RDX standard compatibility; functions as standard RDX cartridge if client software not installed on host computer

Secure Data Shuttling

  • Encryption features help ensure safe delivery of data to remote offices or customers
  • Rugged, shock-resistant RDX cartridge helps protect against damage that can occur during transport
  • Cryptographic erase feature instantly erases the encryption key to render data unintelligible for easy disposal and repurposing

Imation CyberSafe  Pro Security Technology
A unique blend of on-board security technologies that ensures the safety, privacy and control of your digital content.

  • Encryption: On-board FIPS 140-2, Level 1 Validated Certification #347, 562, 819
  • Cryptographic Erase: Instantly erases the encryption key to render data unintelligible
  • Authentication and Identity Management: Helps guard against spoofing and ensures only authorized users have access rights to company information

RDX MEDIA SECURE with CyberSafe  Pro Security Technology

Read/Write Compatibility
Forward and backward compatible with direct-attach internal and external RDX docking stations

Windows O/S
English language version

1.5TB, 1TB, 500GB, 320GB

Media Transfer Rate
Up to 100 MB/second

RDX Media Dimensions
0.93" H x 3.40" W x 4.69" L
(23.7mm H x 86.6mm W x 119.2mm L)

Docking Station Dimensions
External USB 2.04" H x 4.32" W x 7.00" L
(51.8mm H x 109.8mm W x 177.5mm L)
Internal USB 1.63" H x 5.75" W x 6.77" L
(41.4mm H x 146.0mm W x 171.9mm L)

Warranty :
3 Yrs RTB
Std Manufacturer Warranty
  • Model: DIRDXEXTU3
  • Shipping Weight: 1.4kilos
  • Manufactured by: Imation

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